Halloween Show Recap Thingy


Fist off let me say Shout out to Adult Fur, Do 314Civil-Ape , Made Monarchs  and Schlafly for help putting on this amazing event. As soon as we walked up to the Off Broadway music venue the crew knew this show was going be more than what we’ve even expected. It was packed, I saw tons of people in costumes turnt  up to the max, each on there own levels, every was having a good time. Our good friend Adult Fur put us on the Bill for this show he said we deserve to get the recognition and broaden our fan base.

Palace took the stage first , although I didn’t get to see much from the band because of running back n forth handling biz I heard they had pretty nice performance. Bear Hive went on right afterwards, noted last year s best indie band by riverfront times, they kicked ass, and had the crowd rocking from start to finish.   But as Adult Fur took  the stage I knew our time was quickly approaching. Back stage a massive pep rally was held, and we got Amped. I hopped on stage briefly for  Adult fur’s set to spit some bars for a track that we were working on for this next album. From the cheers of the audience the crowd seem to have loved it. I knew it was time, inside I felt a rushing feeling like none other.

AtM approached the stage and begin to perform their first track “Hero Troubles” with Adult fur. Franco-Hill was in the building holding us down, Jeff on the drums took it to a whole another level of an musical experience and Micheal Franco Dj’d the entire set. Lyrique jumped on stage with AtM a couple of times, singing to the crowd and getting them hyped. I was honestly proud of my bros, we looked quite official.

One thing I Must say is that The Track “Sky Fall” – AtM featuring Dharma Jean, that blew me away it’s self, the execution of that track mixed with Jeff was purely amazing, and you could tell from the crowds reaction that they were felt the same way too.

I had a blast performing my set, Constellations, PWOAU.  Adderal and Overdraft was simply amazing though, the energy that was fed back to me from the crowd made me just go insane!

The feelings we received as a group after this show was truly inspiring man, I was proud of me and my peers and the fact that we gotta keep on grinding, but one day at a time we reaching the things that some deem as impossible.



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